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Brendan Woodany otherwise known as Raven has been a revered lyricist and producer in Australia since the early Two Thousands. As a member of the Melbourne underground movement ‘Hungry Humans’ Circa 04-07, then as an original member of Hip Hop label Crate Cartel (Alongside the likes of Flu, Discourse & Maundz), Raven has gained much attention for his dexterous phrasing and thought provoking scripture.

After releasing 2 solo albums (Humble Beginnings 2008 and Ravenous 20Ten 2010) and either producing /writing or being involved in various other projects over the years, Raven has been on a longer than expected hiatus from releasing music to focus on raising his 3 young children but all the while he has been putting in work on his third solo album.  The album is finished and the hiatus is over.

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