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Somebody asked me…

if i'd still be making music when i'm 40?...

Raven started with live radio cyphers during visits to Melbourne’s 106.7 PBS FM back in the prime of The Formula, one of Australia’s most respected and long running hip hop radio shows.

Raven hit the public eye as producer and one of the two emcees from Lost Soulz, a group he founded with Budsa and DJ Perplex in 2003. After honing their stage craft and lyricism in Victoria’s stages and backyards, Lost Soulz released their highly regarded 2004 debut album, Conveyor Belt, and contributed the anthem Sacrilege to the Nuffsaid Records compilation In Case You Didn’t Know in 2005. The group disbanded for personal reasons in 2006.

Raven stepped into the solo arena alongside some of the most original and compelling rappers and producers in Australia representing the Hungry Humans Crew. Consisting of heavyweights such as Geelong’s greatest, Fatty Phew, and long time accomplice, Aetcix, the crew established a solid reputation and hosted a selection of quality releases from 2004 to 2007.

After linking up with producer/emcee Geko (AKA Phil Gektor, AKA The Reverend Glock, who formed the Crate Cartel label) in 2007, Raven and Geko dropped the first release to display the new label logo on the aptly titled We Are Animals EP. Crate Cartel went on to become one of the most respected and cutting edge Hip Hop labels in Australia, boasting a roster of high caliber artists such as Flu (formerly Fluent Form), Maundz, Discourse and Wik.

On Australia Day 2008, Raven released his debut solo album Humble Beginnings which is still heralded by aficionados in 2019 as a certified Australian Hip Hop classic. Humble Beginnings not only displayed Raven’s abilities on the mic, but also his production prowess, having crafted over half the beats for the album under his Darkwing Productions brand himself.

After a hiatus to travel, Raven returned in 2010 on Crate Cartel Records with Ravenous 20Ten. Combining traditional Hip-Hop with personal and politically charged topics, Ravenous 20Ten is a concept album where Raven observes two worlds; the world that immediately surrounds him and the world that surrounds us all. It’s a journey through the different stages of adult life and, like Humble Beginnings, is a highly regarded release in Australia.

Following on from Ravenous 20Ten and the birth of his first child in 2011, Raven had a two year break from music before returning alongside the missing (and a founding) member of Lost Soulz, Myk Reid with a back to the roots style EP titled Searching For Soulz in 2013. The EP featured production by Raven and other local legends such as Must Volkoff, Geko and Wik, as well as a long overdue return guest verse from Budsa.

With the exception of a few guest verses on releases by Discourse, Myk Reid, Sinks, Calski & One Sixth, Raven disappeared from music after Searching For Soulz to focus on his young family.

Now, Raven is back with a new album titled The Mirror under his record label Darkwing Productions, due to be released March 2019.

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