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Following the acclaim of his debut solo album ‘Humble Beginnings’ (2008), Raven is back with his sophomore release ‘Ravenous 20Ten’. ‘Ravenous20Ten’ combines traditional Hip-Hop with personal and politically charged topics to create a concept album where Raven observes two worlds; the world that immediately surrounds him and the world that surrounds us all. It is a journey through the different stages of Ravens adult life.

Starting with the powerful ‘Ravenous 20Ten Intro’ the emotive soundscape combined with Ravens technical flow demand the listeners’ attention which is then held from start to Finish. On the opening crowd pleasers ‘Pusher Man’ and ‘Barb Wire (ft. Maundz)’ we learn of Ravens love for the raw spirit of hip hop which is ever current in all his music. From here we are taken to the streets of Melbourne on tracks like ‘Beer Pressure’ and ‘That Attitude’ which summarise the highs and lows of a night out on the town.

The vibe changes at this point with Raven being whisked into the daily grind on the moody ‘Devils Advocate’ which delves into the pressure of the corporate world and the sacrifices that are required to survive it. On ‘I’m an Emcee’ and ‘Fitness’ he bounces back to his roots as an emcee in impressive fashion. On the second half of the album Raven uses his ability to give his detailed perspective on the world.

One of the albums biggest surprises is ‘The Hermit Song’ produced by Brisbane’s latest super-producer Cam Bluff (Vegas Aces). This anthemic banger pays homage to those who quite frankly would rather just stay home! Assisting on the mic are fellow Crate Cartel emcees Fluent Form, Geko and Maundz, Geelong’s Insomniacs Fatty Phew, Luke Mac and Spit, long time affiliate Aetcix and Myk Reid and Adelaide’s Certified Wise member Vents.

‘Ravenous 20Ten’ features production from some of Australia’s most sort after producers including Geko, Cam Bluff and WIK plus more. Canadian heavy hitter Engineer (Diabolic, Immortal Technique, Rhyme Asylum) also adds his sound to round out the album. Emotionally driven, this is a story of parties, protests and procrastination! This is Ravenous 20Ten.