The Mirror – Digital Album (24bit WAV)

$ 10



Here it is. Since my last album release in 2010 a lot has happened to change my life. I became a father, bought 2 homes, stopped going out, became even more anti-social than I was, my taste is music changed, my political views broadened and I stopped travelling overseas after 4 straight years of jet-setting.

So this, my third solo album attempts to encapsulate these changes and mix them in with a sometimes elusive optimism for the future. I have poured all I that have into this project, not only in the lyrics but also the production. This is my first entirely self produced album in 14 years. This album is also my first LP to be released on vinyl which means a lot to me as well.

Massive thanks to Wayne @royalpde for representing my vision in the artwork and logo design, @robshakersbx for the excellent mix & master and big thanks to all the guests: @fludust@mykreid@turnstylerecords@mantraemcee@dialectrix@thriller___miller. Special mention to @discourse_cc for the advice and guidance on the business tip as well. I don’t have a date for the official release yet but it will be early 2019. Ladies and Gentleman, Kings & Queens, fans old & new… I give you… THE MIRROR.